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Furniture Repair

A large part of our work with furniture is wood repairs, whether it is a simple broken chair leg or a compete top to bottom rebuild, we have got the expertise to fix it. Whether its a wobbly table or a cabinet door falling apart, we can and have handled all sorts of repairs, from simple & straight forward to hard & tricky.

Furniture Refinishing

When it comes to refinishing the only real way to begin is with a complete and thorough chemical strip, this gets all the old finish off ready for the new. If the piece is stripped properly then there will be only a small amount of prep work needed (i.e. sanding repairing) from there comes staining, then on to the finishing. I like nitro cellulose or Pre-catalyzed lacquer when it comes to finishes, both are very durable and water resistant, plus they come in many different sheens and they look great.

Cabinet Refinishing

Just like furniture refinishing, cabinet refinishing can have a wonderful effect and transform any kitchen or entertainment center. If the cabinets are of good enough quality it could be well worth refinishing them and by not replacing saving a good amount of money at the same time.

Tim went above and beyond to do this right and it was very much appreciated. Our very expensive oak front doors were beyond shabby and it looked like time for a replacement. Now, due to Tim’s expertise and impeccable workmanship, they look better than they did when new. Thanks for an exceptional job and all your caring.

Bill Wolanin


I am a Grandma of ten grandchildren and when they come to my home my newly caned bottom chair is ready for kids of all sizes to use when they sit at the table.
When I brought the chair to you it was wobbly, unstable and the cane bottom was broken.
Thank you for bringing this chair back to life to be enjoyed by future generations of our family.
Your work is beautiful.